Our Story

It was 2009 when ITMC was founded with the idea of being the number one choice institution for companies that need certified training and staying up-to-date in various technology fields. Today more than 300 students attended a class at ITMC. We are the only Institution in South Florida that offers certified training and solutions with guaranteed satisfaction providing the best experiences for those who trust in us with the guidance of companies like Apple and Adobe.

Our Facilities

We use state of the art technology classrooms. Our educational institution is designed with an important innovative learning environment, fun, active and motivating. We introduce our institution with high quality facilities and the best teaching resources.

Our Commitment

Students and customers are always first, we strive to provide an impeccable customer satisfaction in every way. We care about you and your business, no matter the size. Our philosophy is to provide personalized attention and our team is committed to maintain high standards certifications.

Most ITMC programs are designed to get you certified in less than a week. If you are concern about paying for education, we can help you.

Our Team

We are available 24/7